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New Nuclear Capital 

December 8-9, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Each Day | Virtual Event

Detailed Advance Agenda


Day 1 December 8, 2021 

10:00 AM - Welcome


The Honorable Bud Albright

President & CEO

U.S. Nuclear Industry Council

10:10 AM - Keynote Address


The Honorable William Magwood, IV


The Nuclear Energy Agency

10:40 AM - Setting the Geopolitical Framework

Providing a high-level perspective on the global landscape of geopolitical alliances and partnerships.


Dr. Aleksandra Gadzala Tirziu

Founder & CEO

Magpie Advisory 

11:15 AM - Opportunities in Global Financial Markets

A strategic (foundational) overview of how global financial markets are viewing investments in nuclear energy. Why investments in nuclear energy need to be viewed differently. The financial business case for investing in nuclear deployment. The impact of global and regional ESG mandates and net-zero initiatives on the business case for nuclear.


Mr. Will Fork - Moderator/ Speaker


Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman                                       


The Honorable Paul Dabbar

Chairman and CEO

Bohr Quantum Technologies


Mr. Andrew Paterson

Managing Principal - Energy

Environmental Business International       


11:50 AM - Panel Discussion: Perspectives on Private Financing:

The future for large-scale deployment of new reactors will depend on the availability of private financing and the willingness of the financial community to support these investments. Leaders in the private sector energy financing community will share their thoughts on the financing of nuclear projects, whether we are on the right track, and what we as an industry can do to make financing these projects attractive.


Mr. Jeremy Harrell - Moderator

Managing Director - Policy 



Mr. James Schaefer

Senior Managing Director

Guggenheim Partners


Mr. David Dal Bello

Managing Director

RBC Capital Markets


Mr. Ryan Nielson

Investment Banking Associate

Citi Clean Energy Transition Group


Mr. Richard Youngman


Cleantech Group


Ms. Valerie Gardner

Managing Partner 

Nucleation Capital

1:20 PM - Lunch and Spotlight Presentations

1:50 PM - Case Study: Moltex Crowdsourcing Initiative


Mr. Paddy Aling

Chief Financial Officer

Moltex Energy

2:10 PM - CFO Roundtable Panel I:

Roundtable panel discussions by reactor vendor CFOs on what actions are needed to assure capital for deployment? What are the most attractive sources of capital?


Ms. Kimberly Johnston – Moderator 

EY Partner – US Energy Transition Leader

Ernst & Young LLP


Mr. Canon Bryan

Chief Financial Officer

Terrestrial Energy


Mr. Chris Colbert

Chief Financial Officer

NuScale Power

2:55 PM - Due Diligence for Advanced Nuclear Technology Companies: A Guide for Potential Investors


Mr. Stephen Greene


Nuclear Innovation Alliance            


3:15 PM - NNSA Update/ U.S. Nuclear NEXUS


Mr. Jeffrey Chamberlin

Associate Assistant Deputy Administrator, Office of Material Management and Minimization

U.S. Department of Energy/ NNSA      


3:30 PM - Closing Remarks & Adjourn Day 1                              




Day 2 December 9, 2021


10:00 AM - Welcome & Day 1 Recap


The Honorable Bud Albright

President & CEO

U.S. Nuclear Industry Council

10:05 AM - Keynote Address


The Honorable Ernest Moniz

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy

Founder & CEO, Energy Futures Initiative

Co-Chair and Chief Executive Officer, NTI

10:40 AM - CFO Roundtable Panel II  

Roundtable panel discussions by reactor vendor CFOs on what actions are needed to assure capital for deployment? What are the most attractive sources of capital?


Mr. Paul Amico – Moderator 

Vice President; Practice Leader for 

International Power + Industrial

Jensen Hughes


Ms. Caroline Cochran

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Oklo Inc.


Mr. Jeffrey Olson

Vice President of Business Development & Finance

Kairos Power


Mr. James M. Wolf

Vice President – Finance

ARC Clean Energy

11:45 AM - Panel: Regional Market Opportunities

A global update on the most active regions and countries for nuclear investment today. The emergence of “new nuclear” countries. Market-specific tactics and financial tools. The impact of regional regulations and initiatives (e.g., EU taxonomy, COP26, ESG mandates, and net-zero initiatives).


Ms. Suzanne Jaworowski – Speaker/ Moderator       

Former Chair

International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC)


RDML Michael Hewitt (Ret.)

Co-Founder & CEO


Ms. Ranjani Sankaran 

Executive Director, Project & Export Finance – Africa 

Standard Chartered Bank

12:40 PM - Lunch and Spotlight Presentation

1:10 PM - End-User Perspectives and Priorities

The voices of the end-user. Real-world experiences and lessons learned by leading utilities and major corporate players. 


Mr. Chuck Tack

Vice President of Nuclear Operations



Mr. Robbie Aiken

Vice President Federal Affairs

Pinnacle West Capital Corporation

Mr. Robin Manley

Vice President New Nuclear Division

Ontario Power Generation                                               


Mr. Andrei Radulescu

Specialist Engineer, Innovation & Development

Nuclearelectrica SNN (Romania)

2:00 PM - “Big Tech” End User (Meeting 2050 Net Zero Commitments)


Ms. Sydney McNiff Johnson – Moderator


Galena Strategies LLC


Mr. Adam Forni

Program Manager, 24x7 Carbon Free Energy Technologies



Hon. Robert R. Hood

Vice President Government Affairs

Hyundai Motor Company


Mr. Fred Thiel


Marathon Digital Holdings      


2:45 PM - Panel: US Government Support and Resources

The role of government in supporting and stimulating investment in nuclear deployment: U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Energy (Loan Program Office), and the EXIM Bank.


Mr. Paul Murphy – Moderator 


Murphy Energy & Infrastructure


Mr. Jigar Shah

Director, Loan Programs Office

U.S. Department of Energy 


Mr. Carl Kress

Regional Director, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Eurasia / East Asia



Mr. Ashok Pasricha

Managing Director, Engineering and Environment Division



Mr. Jonathan Chesebro

Senior Nuclear Trade Specialist

Office of Energy & Environmental Industries

U.S. Department of Commerce| International Trade Administration

4:00 PM - Closing Remarks & Adjourn Day 2                             

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