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New Nuclear Capital 

November 7, 2023 |  New York, NY & Virtual

New Nuclear Capital

Financing - Setting the Foundations for Deployment

A Special Summit Focused on the Financing Opportunities
for Advanced Nuclear Energy Deployment


Under the auspices of


The U.S. Nuclear Industry Council



Limited Space Available - Sponsorship opportunities are going quickly!


For information on sponsorship opportunities please contact Caleb Ward at or (202) 270-1690, or click on the button below for our Sponsorship & Showcase prospectus.


Advance Agenda Topics

I. Investment Prospects for Advanced Nuclear Energy - Key Drivers & Challenges:

What are the current trends that are making investments in advanced nuclear energy so appealing?


II. Setting the Geopolitical Framework:

A high-level overview of new international new nuclear project opportunities and perspectives on the landscape of geopolitical alliances and partnerships. Market-specific tactics and financial tools. The impact of regional regulations and initiatives.


III. The Essential Role of Nuclear Energy in Reaching Net Zero:

Conversation with forecasters showing the need for nuclear in different markets to meet the demand curve and other new environmental regulations and initiatives (e.g. EU taxonomy laws, COP27, ESG mandates, and net-zero initiatives). The importance of nuclear energy in producing hydrogen.


IV. Transition of Coal to SMR Plant 

A high-level overview of the growing movement to replace Coal Fired Plants with SMR Plants and the investment opportunities that follow. 


V. Financial Structures for Global Nuclear Energy Projects:

A strategic (foundational) overview of how global financial markets are viewing investments in nuclear energy. Why investments in nuclear energy need to be viewed differently. The financial business case for investing in nuclear deployment. The impact of global and regional ESG mandates and net-zero initiatives on the business case for nuclear.


VI. Public Private Financing:

Discussion on why the U.S. government is spending billions to support and stimulate investment in advanced civil nuclear deployment: U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Energy (Loan Program Office), the EXIM Bank of the U.S., and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). The importance of other non-U.S. institutions. 


VII. Case Study: OPG with GE and BWXT Canada: 


VIII. Progress on Advanced Nuclear Licensing Modernization:

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Congress have actively worked to update the licensing process to be better suited to review the current technology of Advanced Nuclear Reactors. Learn what actions both the NRC and Congress are undertaking to make investments in advanced nuclear energy more appealing to investors and how current companies are successfully navigating the NRC licensing process.


IX. Nuclear SMRs to Decarbonize Industrial Sectors:


X. Panel Discussion: Perspectives on Private Financing from Wall Street:

The future for large-scale deployment of new reactors will depend on the availability of private financing and the willingness of the financial community to support these investments. Leaders in the private sector energy financing community will share their thoughts on the financing of nuclear projects, explain why the advanced nuclear industry is on the right track, and what the industry is doing to make financing these projects attractive.


A Networking Reception will take place at the conclusion of the Summit.



We have secured a limited amount of hotel rooms at the nearby Warwick Hotel for a discounted rate of $295 a night. If you would like to take advantage of the discounted rate for your hotel room, please email Lorrie Boettcher at, with the subject line "Room Request for NNC2023".


Join us as a sponsor of the NNC2023. This will be an excellent opportunity for any company to solidify its brand and promote its investment opportunities to a captive audience of key financial, industry, and government leaders.


For more information on becoming a sponsor of the New Nuclear Capital 2023, please contact Caleb Ward at or (202) 270-1690 or click on the button below for our Sponsorship Prospectus.

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